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In January of 2013 Janice Massey launched her own t-shirt line Nappy Gals Couture, and in a matter of months it became an instant success. With many projects on the horizon like appearing on the MTV hit show 'Made' the Janice Massey brand will be a force to be reckon with. The salon and the T-shirt line is just a small glimpse of whats to come from the entrepreneur.

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The salon represents a huge achievement for me. We pride ourself on being an appointment only salon. All appointments are made online at and we NEVER double book our clients, which means you can be in and out as quickly as possible. Feel free to call us 561.249.1427


My line of work has afforded me amazing opportunities. I've been featured in various hair magazines and have the pleasure of working with celebrities like Regina Beavers former Miss Jamaica, James (James T) Thomas radio personality, comedian Alex Scott and some professional athletes.


I continue to research the natural hair care industry for the latest style trends and healthy hair care products to create the best unique signature hair styles for my unisex clients. I have undergone an intense revitalization since becoming a natural hair stylist in late 2003.


I am the face of my brand. I want to grow the Janice Massey name even farther by giving quality work to every single client that has honored me with the privileged of doing their hair and to do what it takes to become a staple in the natural hair industry.

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