September 15, 2015 LawdaMASSEY No Comments

APPOINTMENTS: A year ago I’ve implemented a new online system. Some of you have voiced your opinions. The system works very well for busy clients and and for me as well. I just want you to know by no means I want you to think that the Janice Massey Salon have become impersonal. I certainly don’t want you to feel like that!

PRACTICALITY: There are lot of you, and only two hands…. I don’t want to interfere with that one on one time we have together. We get to share and talk with each other and I don’t want you to feel cheated on by me constantly stepping away to answer the phone. That time is highly important to me, and to you I hope.

BONDING: I think I’ve built a very good working relationships with all of you and I want you to remain vocal and feel free to communicate your concerns and I’ll do my best to address them in reasoning.

CALLS: Most calls are returned at the end of the each day, depending on what time I finish working or the following day. I also answer calls throughout the day on Tuesdays.

I’M NOT PERFECT!: I make the occasional mistakes and most times you helped me sort them out, not that you think it’s your business but because you care, and I’m fully aware of that. I run my business to fit your needs and for the most part, everyone have been very happy with the service I provide 🙂 and for that-

I appreciate you and love you.

Thanks for all your advice and continued support.


Written by Jahnice0320