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Starting a business or a product line can be time consuming, but don’t get discourage, just follow your dreams and do the foot work. I have complied a few question from a recent interview I did with

Question #1

What was your first step to start your company and T-shirt line?

Answer:This is something I am very passionate about. I started thing about doing a T-shirt about fifteen years ago but I feel like now is the right time, I more focused and know and able to put in the hard work. The first step was to find find a company to work with and do my research. The research took the most time.

Question #2

What were the most important qualities you wanted your company or product line to have?

Answer: Durability! Longevity! It’s hard to find inexpensive fabric that isn’t hard to the touch, you really have to work to find the perfect shirts at a low cost.

Question #3

What is the most unique product you have?

Answer: The line is fairly new so it will take time to have a complete lineup. For now, the Nappynality and Nappy Nation T-shirts are unique, you don’t see them anywhere else.

Question #4

How did you come up with the slogans or names for your tees?

Answer: I write down names ahead of time or I sometimes come up with them randomly. I like slogans that I think may work for a future product.

Question #5

What is your long term goal for your line?

Answer: I want to have an extensive T-shirt line with every product that I put on the market and to keep the prices low and still maintain high qualtity.

Question #6

If you could give someone advice who wants to start a company what would it be?

Answer: Find your niche, something that your passionate about or good at. For me it was about expanding on my current business and the T-shirt line seem to fit with it. I wanted to make a really great high end product, at an affordable price. I made sure to do my research and hand picked everyone I worked with.

I hope this helps with some of your questions, if a start up business is something that your’re interested in. I will say it does take a lot of money and a lot of time to accomplish this so have patience as this really is an investment. If those things part of what you are doing you are sure to succeed.

Written by Jahnice0320